• (****) Black Swan, Nassim Taleb

    Be wary of anyone claiming to predict future events. No one really knows what they’re talking about, except for experts in very specialized fields. Long read, but well written.

  • (***) Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software, Nadia Eghbal

    Good read about open-source communities. Sections of the book go into way too much detail for me about structures of various communites, but I enjoyed the application of economic ideas (such as the tragedy of commons) to the very real problem of open source code maintenance. Also, loved the many famous examples of incidents gone wrong in open-source, and what it teaches us.

  • (****) Golden Chronicles, Patricia Veryan

    I’m a complete sucker for historical romance, and these 6 books took me into a thrilling world of love, humor, chivalry and swashbuckling tales of racing after hidden treasure. All books take place in eighteenth century England, backdropped by the aftermath of the Jacobite uprising by Bonnie Prince Charlie.

  • (****) Will, Will Smith

    Unfortunately, I ran out of steam about 70% of the way for this, and might get back to it later. But overall, it’s a wonderful read about the actor/rapper who is partially a misfit for the world he grew up in - something I can relate to.